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Wind Zones

This wind zone information chart establishes the amount of square feet of flag that can be flown on a specific size flagpole in Nevada’s 90 mph wind zone. Wind and breeze create drag on a flying flag and stress on the pole.

For example, a 6’x 10’ flag is 60 square feet.  A pole rated for a 6’x10′ flag can fly one 6’x10′, or two flags, one 3’x5’ flag (15 square feet) and one 5’x 8’ (40 square feet). This chart is for heavy duty flag materials, 2-ply polyester. Lighter weight nylon materials may fly with slightly larger flag square feet. Contact us for information on your specific flagpole’s flag size rating.

Flagpole Height and Size

The height of the pole is only one determiner for the size of flag. Generally, the flag in no wind should drape to about 1/4 the height of the pole. The diameter of the pole and the wall thickness of the pole are other structural determiners for flag size to be flown.

Wind Information For Flags