There is no exact answer to that question. The life expectancy of a flag will depend on the exposure to the elements. Taking your flag down during the windy days will prolong the life of your flag.

Tips & Tricks That Help

All fabrics eventually are damaged by the elements. Sun, wind, rain and ice and snow will weaken flag fabrics. Also, a flag “hitting” on nearby trees, buildings or another pole placed too closely, will quickly wear the flag.

  • If possible take down the flag in high winds, rain or icy conditions.
  • Air pollution like dust, smoke and car emissions damage fabric. Keep the flag clean to prolong the life of your flag.  Cleaning flags doesn’t always mean a white color is bright white again, however removing the dirt particles from the fabric prolongs life of the material.
  • Frayed fly ends on USA flags can be trimmed and re-hemmed, until the top row of stripes are too short for the proper look of the flag, no shorter than the field of blue. Also, emblem flags such as Nevada State flag can be repaired until the emblem side of the flag is half the size of the flag body. Flags with full size logos can be repaired until the logo is disrupted by a new hem.

If you need help determining the best practices for your flag, please give us a call – we are happy to help.

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