Flag Pricing

                                                        Flag Pricing 1/1/2024 to 12/31/2024 Please add applicable SALES TAX and SHIPPING to listed prices. Pricing for the most popular flags is shown here. All our United States flags …

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United States Flags

U.S. Flags

Our United States flags are Made in USA, with sewn stripes and embroidered stars, using the highest quality fabrics. We stock United States and Nevada State flags in Las Vegas. We …

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Indoor Flag Sets

Indoor Flag Sets

                     Premium Exclusive Indoor Flag Set                                                 $298.00 Each Indoor Flag Set includes one 3′ x5′ fringed flag, one adjustable gold aluminum pole, one ornament top and one 8 lb …

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Aluminum Flagpoles

Aluminum flagpoles are standard satin aluminum finish. Aluminum poles can be special ordered in a variety of finishes for your location. Clear anodized, Bronze, Black and Powder Coat in several …

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Promotional Products

In Las Vegas over 30 years, licensed as a Promotional Products Distributor, we provide assurance to our customers of quality and performance in this competitive market. Utilizing the finest suppliers, …

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Mandalay Bay Applique Flag

Custom Flags

Custom flags are our specialty. We utilize the finest suppliers for dyed, digital printing, appliqué or screen print. Each order is unique in design and use. Whether to identify your …

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Armed Forces Display

Armed Forces Flags

Flags that represent our Armed Forces identify and honor our military, show support, and fly with pride and honor for military families and citizens of the United States. Armed Forces …

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Historical Flags

Historical Flags

Historical flags represent distinct and important times in the history of our country. From Gadsden to the 15-Star Spangled Banner we have a wide selection of historical flags. Any U.S./State …

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International Flags

International Flags

International flags are available to order. Sizes from 4”x6” hand-held with staff to large commercial-sized outdoor flags are available from our supplier. Indoor country flags can be ordered with or …

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State Flags

State Flags

Nevada State flags are in stock in Las Vegas in residential to large commercial sizes. Our supplier now manufactures Nevada State flags in Tough-Tex® fabric, as well as Nylon. Pricing …

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