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United States FlagsOur United States flags are Made in USA, with sewn stripes and embroidered stars, using the highest quality fabrics. We stock United States and Nevada State flags in Las Vegas.

We  feature the highest quality flag fabrics made, flag pricing, and other information to help you select the size and material of your U.S. Flag. We stock Nylon and Tough-Tex® materials. See Indoor Flag Sets for Indoor flags. Show your patriotic spirit by proudly displaying a United States flag, Made in the USA.

Request for bids for quantity and contract purchases are invited.


Fabric Selection

Nylon Flags

Nylon is the most popular choice for commercial or home use. U.S. flags have sewn stripes and embroidered stars. A good all-weather flag, it flies in the lightest breeze. Available in sizes 12” X 18” and up to large commercial size flags, 30’ x 50’.


Tough-Tex® Flags

Tough-Tex® flags are made from 100% heavyweight spun polyester. This fabric is extremely durable and is best for high-wind areas and large sized flags flown daily. Tough-Tex is ideal for commercial use and is the most durable fabric available.


  • Exclusive 100% 2-Ply, Spun Woven Polyester Fabric Resists High Winds
  • Open Weave Reduces Fabric Stress
  • For Longest Wear
  • The Longest Lasting Flag Made


  • Flags Flown Daily
  • All Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Uses
  • High Wind Areas

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