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Fiberglass poles are an upgrade to aluminum poles. The white fiberglass has a high-gloss, maintenance free finish. Fiberglass poles are quieter than aluminum when the halyard, clips and flag touch on the pole in the wind. This makes the fiberglass pole a good solution for commercial flagpoles in residential areas, such as schools and firehouses. Fiberglass poles are lighter and easier to ship and install, and they do not need to be grounded.

External Halyard

External Halyard Flagpoles

Internal Halyard, Cam Cleat Mechanism

Internal Halyard Cam Cleat Mechanism


Standard Cam Cleat Assembly


Internal Halyard, Rope Clutch Mechanism

Internal Halyard Rope Clutch Mechanism


Internal Halyard, Winch

Internal Halyard Winch



Internal Rope Rigging

Rope Internal Rigging